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The day an employee shows up for their first day of work is often the day they learn that a noncompete is a requirement of the job. But, according to a 2015 study by Professors Evan Starr, J.J. Prescott, and Norm Bishara, providing advance notice that a noncompete will be required actually leads to 11% more training and 6.6% more job satisfaction. Eight states plus D.C. now have some requirements. Make sure you are complying.
Three and half months into 2021, and there have been 59 bills pending in 23 states (not counting 2 federal bills, a new DC law, or any proposed bills that are circulating, but have not yet been filed). Four bills have already died — each in a state that had only one pending bill — leaving the current tally at 55 bills pending in 19 states. Today’s post covers the two bills pending in Louisiana.