Mass Lawyers Weekly Advisory Board Supports Noncompete Bill

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly‘s Editorial Advisory Board calls the noncompete bill pending in the MA legislature “a step in the right direction.” (As the lead drafter and advisor on the bill, I have covered it extensively throughout this blog and elsewhere; for a summary of the bill, see Massachusetts Noncompete Bill Refiled; for the latest update, see Report on Massachusetts Legislature’s Hearing on Noncompete Bill.)

The editorial noted that “[i]t is notoriously hard to advise both businesses and employees as to the likely enforceability of a non-compete agreement. The same non-compete may be viewed very differently by different judges.” Accordingly, in noting their support for the bill, the Editorial Advisory Board observed that “[a] bill that provides greater specificity on what elements a non-compete should include in order to be enforced helps everyone and could reduce the amount of litigation resulting from the agreements.”

The Editorial Advisory Board did identify “[o]ne aspect of the bill [that they find] troubling . . . .” Specifically, the Board is concerned about mandatory attorneys’ fees for a victorious employee; the editors would prefer to see discretion left to the judge. That very issue is still being considered by Representative Ehrlich and Representative Brownsberger.

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