Restrictive Covenant Charts

Restrictive Covenant Charts

We know how hard it is to keep up with the ever-changing restrictive covenant requirements around the country. To help, we created several first-of-their-kind, regularly updated restrictive covenant charts (available for free).

We started with our 50-state noncompete survey chart in 2010. In 2021, we added a chart of noncompete notice requirements and a chart of noncompete low-wage thresholds (since expanded to cover new restrictive covenant wage thresholds and other criteria).

Each of our charts is updated on a regular basis, with a date at the bottom to reflect when it was last updated.

Collectively, they provide an overview of noncompete laws (in the 50-state survey chart) and then (in the other charts) greater details about the notice requirements for noncompetes and the wage criteria for all restrictive covenants in each state that has them.

For convenience, we made all three restrictive covenant charts available in one place here, so the latest version is just a button click away.

We hope you find all of these resources useful. More are coming.

And please note that we are grateful for all of the input we’ve received over the years, and welcome any suggestions for improvements that you may be willing to share.

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