50 State Noncompete Chart Updated (Idaho, Massachusetts, Utah)

The BRR 50 State Noncompete Chart has been updated today to reflect a new laws in Idaho, Massachusetts, and Utah (and a few additional tweaks in other states). (See “Changing Trade Secrets | Noncompete Laws” for the background.)

In sum, Idaho removed a presumption that it created in 2016, Massachusetts passed its first noncompete statute, making significant changes to Massachusetts noncompete law, and Utah largely exempted broadcasters from noncompetes.

Click here to get the latest version of the 50 State Noncompete Chart.

Though a stand-alone resource, the noncompete chart works as a companion to our 50 state and federal survey chart of trade secret laws, which I originally prepared on August 14, 2016, and have updated as laws have changed; it is also current as of August 5, 2018.

The chart has been revised through August 5, 2018. (The chart bears a later date of January 13, 2019) to reflect a correction to Rhode Island’s stance on reformation.)

Please note that the most current version of both the 50 State Noncompete Chart and 50 state and federal survey chart of trade secret laws can always be found on my firm’s resources page.