Stuck at Home Doesn’t Have to Mean Bored at Home – Weekly Update (April 30)

As we start to think about the weekend, below are the latest additions to “Stuck at Home Doesn’t Have to Mean Bored at Home.

The purpose of the original post and these updates is to provide ideas for maintaining some quality of life while on lock down. Note that the original post is updated regularly to contain all of the suggestions, including the updates; these separate (now weekly) update posts are intended to provide an easy way to know what’s new. (I know that these posts are entirely unrelated to the general subject matter of the blog. But, given the circumstances and that I have received a surprising number of appreciative comments about it, I plan to continue for the foreseeable future.)

If you have found things not on my list that others may benefit from, please send them to me, and I will include them in the next update.

In the meantime, enjoy! . . .

Aquariums, Zoos, Museums & More

For those interested in space, NASA at home has some worthwhile virtual tours and apps.

Games (without the Board or Boredom)

MIT Technology Review’s The Download identified a very creative game that @MisterABK is running: an interactive Twitter murder mystery.

For the younger among us, Thrillist suggests “8 Drinking Games You Can Play with Friends Virtually.” Have fun – and be careful! (Sorry, it’s the parent in me.)


Want to learn how to draw? Take a look at “These Free Online Drawing Classes Will Help You Unleash Your Inner Artist.”

Comedy Shows

The first entry (suggested by MIT Technology Review’s The Download) in this brand new category is the Campaign Against Living Miserably (a/k/a CALM) Comedy Club, which is live-streaming at @theCALMzone on Twitter at 3:00 PM BST (British Summer Time, i.e., add 5 to EDT).

Cooking, Cookies, and Other Food Options

Gracie’s (a favorite restaurant of ours) in Providence is live-streaming complimentary cooking classes every Friday night at 7:15 PM EDT. And, if that’s not enough, each Saturday (initially, at least, at 7:00 PM EDT) they will be hosting a virtual wine lesson and conversation via Zoom with their sommeliers.  Here are the details:

We’ll post the week’s theme on social media on Tuesday of each week, and the first twelve guests to register via email will participate in that weekend’s class. We will hand deliver the wine of the week to your doorsteps on Fridays for the Saturday class (ticket price is only the cost of the wine). Please email to sign up and receive Zoom access.

If you’re looking for some significant variety in your diet, Thrillist explains “How to Eat Your Way Through 21 Countries Without Leaving Boston.”


Nikon is streaming all Nikon School online cases (which are terrific!) for free through May. Enjoy the learning!

Need some quick inspiration? 500px has “5 easy and actionable ways to find new photography ideas.”

Personal Grooming

Boston Magazine recently posted, “Attention, Men: Here’s Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Giving Yourself a Haircut at Home” – and it’s very helpful!

Travel (Virtually)

Thrillist identified “Virtual Travel Experiences That Let You Explore the World From Your Living Room.”

Random / Other Lists

Given that getting your groceries can oftentimes be a challenge these days, Consumer Reports has provided some helpful “Tips and Tricks for Getting Groceries During the Coronavirus Pandemic.”

Dealing with the New (Ab)Normal

Everyone has a different threshold for stress and anxiety. But, to the extent that you are looking for information about it, Consumer Reports has a nice post on “How to Ease Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic.”

And, the New York Times has some good advice in “How to Manage Your Loneliness.”


This is not a political statement, just a funny video… A Spoonful of Clorox – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody:

And, am I the only one who is constantly reminded of this when I am out walking and see other people? …