PSA: Protecting Trade Secrets – Working at Home – Training Video Is Updated and Available

We recently updated our “Ten Minute Training” series video, Protecting Trade Secrets – Working at Home.

The video is intended to be distributed to employees with access to trade secrets to educate them on how to minimize the risks posed to trade secrets while they are working from home. Like our other practical resources, including our 50 state noncompete chart, the video is intended as an educational tool and is made available for free.

The need for this type of training has never been so compelling. If you have any doubts, you need only see what happened to Smash My Trash when they used Zoom to discuss their business details.

It is intended as a stand-alone tool, although it can also be used effectively in conjunction with the checklist in our earlier post, “A primer and checklist for protecting trade secrets and other legitimate business interests before, during, and after lockdown and stay-at-home orders.”

We are, however, limiting distribution of the video to our clients and to other companies.

Please contact me if you would like the link.

For some additional background resources on how to protect your trade secrets, see the FBI’s guidance, “How to Spot a Possible Insider Threat” and (summary brochure), the PTO’s “7 Steps to Protecting Your Trade Secrets,” the Domestic Security Alliance Counsel’s Insider Threat references, and WIPO’s Module on Trade Secrets.