47 states can be wrong, apparently: D.C. Council votes to ban (most) noncompetes

Well, despite the misinformation, despite that the last ban on noncompetes was in Oklahoma before it was a state, and despite that literally every state in the past decade to consider a ban has rejected it, the D.C. Council has yielded to the rhetoric and voted to ban noncompetes (in most instances) in the District. (For the background, see 47 states can’t be wrong: D.C. to ban noncompetes (maybe).)

The bill now sits with D.C.’s mayor.

If the ban goes through, it should be a really interesting experiment. While it may or may not end well for D.C., it should at least, over time, provide some very useful data to assess the effects of a ban.

*Thanks to Erika Hahn for tracking the bill last night.