Preparing for California’s expanded noncompete ban and anti-restrictive covenant laws (Fairly Competing, Episode 23)

Episode 23 of Fairly Competing is out!

On January 1, 2024, California officially will begin exporting its ban on noncompetes, nonsolicits, and likely no-recruits to the rest of the country — whether the other states like it or not.

For background, see:

In this episode of Fairly Competing, John, Ben, and I discuss:

  • the scope of California’s new laws;
  • what the laws purport to do; and
  • what companies can do to limit the impact of the new laws.

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And if you just can’t get enough of California’s self-proclaimed, paramount policy, check out this two-hour brainstorming session on the new laws with over 40 of the leading trade secret / restrictive covenant / employee mobility lawyers from around the country: Responding to California’s New, Expanded, Anti Restrictive Covenant Laws.

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