50-State Noncompete Chart Updated (May 25, 2024)

New 50-state noncompete chart updated for 2024

We just updated our 50-State Noncompete Chart again.

This update addresses recent developments in Georgia, Maryland, and Washington.

We anticipate possible changes in Colorado (giving the attorney general limited noncompete rule-making authority) and Louisiana (physician limitations ); both bills are on the respective governor’s desk.

Our chart — which was the first of its kind and has been updated regularly since 2010 — has now been updated to reflect this case and is, accordingly, fully up to date through May 25, 2024. We will continue to update the chart as additional significant developments arise across the country.

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*A huge thank you to Erika Hahn for all of her extraordinary help in tracking and monitoring all of the bills around the country and helping me make sure that all of our resources are current and accurate.