FTC noncompete rule update: no hearing in Ryan v. FTC

I am behind in providing updates about the Ryan LLC v. FTC case – and there are lots: the FTC filed its brief (no surprises), multiple amici filed amicus briefs in support of the FTC’s position (no surprises – other than Matt Gaetz filing an amicus brief in support of the FTC), and the plaintiffs filed their replies (on Wednesday, June 12). I will be summarizing all of them shortly.

In the meantime, the most important update is that yesterday (June 13), Judge Brown issued her anticipated order concerning whether she felt a hearing was warranted. It is not. Her order says that the Court will not be holding a hearing on the plaintiff’s request injunctive relief. So you can remove that from your calendar. (It would have been on June 17.)

Next up (as far as we know): July 3 – the day she previously indicated she would issue her decision on the merits.

*Thank you to Erika Hahn for getting the order.