50 State Noncompete Chart Updated – Lots of Developments!

Having recently completed my second roundup of new noncompete legislation, I have updated my 50 State Noncompete Chart to reflect the changes since the April update. (See Legislative Update: Recent Changes to Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island Noncompete Laws – and D.C.’s New Noncompete Bill for the background.) And remember that in the last iteration, I made it more searchable (so you can search by state, as opposed to having to scroll to find the state you’re looking for).

Click here to get the latest version of the 50 State Noncompete Chart. (The chart is current through October 20, 2019.)

Though a stand-alone resource, the noncompete chart works as a companion to our 50 state and federal survey chart of trade secret laws, which I originally prepared on August 14, 2016, and have updated as laws have changed.

Thank you to Valerie Bateman for information about North Carolina’s exemptions, and thank to Erika Hahn for helping me stay on top of the many recent developments.

Note that a recent federal bill would ban employee noncompetes nationally. I expect we’ll see some developments on the federal side of things, and, if state legislation and the Obama Administration’s Call to Action are any indication of things to come, the bill will take a more practical approach, banning noncompetes for low-wage earners, and perhaps put in place some other “fairness” measures. See Just out: Another proposed ban on noncompetes.

Please note that the most current version of both the 50 State Noncompete Chart and 50 state and federal survey chart of trade secret laws can always be found on my firm’s resources page.