Recent Articles on Noncompetes

With the continuing unfolding of the COVID19 pandemic, I remain particularly focused on identifying resources that I hope will be helpful to people while they try to cope with the new reality (hence the regular updates, now as separate posts, to “Stuck at Home Doesn’t Have to Mean Bored at Home”).

However, noncompete and trade secret law issues remain critical concerns for companies and employees (and in many instances, even more than before the pandemic), and I have a few posts in the works that will be coming soon. So, please stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for something to read on those issues, an article that I co-wrote with my paralegal (and friend) of over 20 years, Erika Hahn, “FTC Should Leave Regulation Of Noncompetes To States,” is now available on Law360.

In addition, an excellent article by Sharon Johnson of The Progressive, “Hell No, You Can’t Go – Non-compete agreements chain even low-wage workers to their current employers,” addresses an area in which noncompete reform could help. (To clarify one point: although the Massachusetts noncompete statute requires consideration for a noncompete, garden leave is just one of the options, not the only option. See “Massachusetts Noncompete: Consideration Happens, But Not During Garden Leave.”)