Stuck at Home Doesn’t Have to Mean Bored at Home – Daily Update (April 6)

Below are the latest additions to “Stuck at Home Doesn’t Have to Mean Bored at Home.” (No, this post is not an accident! 🙂 )

The purpose of the original post and these updates is to provide ideas for maintaining some quality of life while on lock down. Note that the original post is updated regularly to contain all updates; the separate update posts are intended to provide an easy way to know what’s new.  (I know that this post is entirely unrelated to the general subject matter of the blog. But, given the circumstances and that I have received a surprising number of appreciative comments about it, I plan to continue for the foreseeable future.)

If you have found things not on my list that others may benefit from, please send them to me, and I will include them in the next update.

In the meantime, enjoy . . .

Home Not Alone (with Kids)

A very cool Instagram page of stars reading to stories for kids. (Thanks to Marjorie Flannigan MacLachlan (see Random / Other Lists below).)

Games (without the Board or Boredom)

Need a good spy game for a group? Try Codenames. (The Rules Girl has a quick tutorial: “How to Play Codenames in 3 Minutes.”)


If you feel like you need to go back and watch some old concertsThrillist has put together, “The 15 Essential Music Festival Performances You Can Watch on YouTube.” 

In addition, here are a few more lists of virtual concerts and options compiled on other websites:

Broadway Shows

Who doesn’t love Lin Manuel Miranda and my personal favorite, Hamilton? Well, while you wait for the October 10, 2021 Disney release of the move, Hamilton (which will have the original broadway cast), you can watch Hamilton: One Shot to Broadway on Amazon prime video.

Movies / TV Series / Videos

There is no loss of recommendations for great shows to binge watch, but I am offering a sleeper that doesn’t show up often, but which I loved: Chuck.

Cooking and Cookies

Lin Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuelretweeted José Andrés (@chefjoseandres) tweet:

TODAY for #Hamilton inspired #RecipesForThePeople we are making a dish in honor of my mom & dad…My mom would make Sugar Omelettes for dessert when I was young. They were both nurses… so this goes out to all the nurses out there! We @WCKitchen love you!


Just because she’s such a good friend and is such a good trainer, I have to continue to highlight The Fix Personal Training. This is the personal training website of a very close friend and colleague, Paula Astl, who is probably in the best shape of anyone I’ve ever known. And she’ll train you outside at a safe 6+ foot distance!

News that Doesn’t Suck

Okay, as of April 6, gotta love John Krasinksi even more (is that possible?), as his Good New Network brings, “Zoom Surprise: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 2,” with a truly awesome surprise – so be sure to watch to the end!

Random / Other Lists

Another good source of things to do, “A Guide to the Great Indoors,” comes from a former Simpson Thacher & Bartlett colleague turned real estate broker, Marjorie Flannigan MacLachlan. Originally posted on March 30, Marjorie says that she will be updating it weekly, so do check back.

IFL Science (which, although more click-baity in recent years, still has great content) offers an example of an experience that people may think is unique to them, but is not, in “Having Weird Dreams Since The Pandemic Began? You’re Not Alone.”

Even though I’ve provided this before, because it’s so essential, I continue to list these places that I have been ordering food and supplies from:

      • InstaCart for food and pharmacy.
      • Whole Foods for food – though it is frequently very difficult to get a delivery time.
      • Staples for office and cleaning supplies, as well as home office needs (from supplies like paper to office setup like chairs).

As we settle into working from home for the long haul, Wired has identified “Everything You Need to Work From Home Like a Pro.


For another brief diversion … I’m wondering why I never tried this with any of our dogs! …  Doggo having fun.