Stuck at Home Doesn’t Have to Mean Bored at Home – Weekly Update (June 13)

As we head into the weekend, here is a short supplement to Wednesday’s additions to “Stuck at Home Doesn’t Have to Mean Bored at Home.

The purpose of the original post and these updates is to provide ideas for maintaining some quality of life while on lock down. Note that the original post is updated regularly to contain all of the suggestions, including the updates; these separate (now weekly) update posts are intended to provide an easy way to know what’s new. (I know that these posts are entirely unrelated to the general subject matter of the blog. But, given the circumstances and that I have received a surprising number of appreciative comments about it, I plan to continue for the foreseeable future.)

If you have found things not on my list that others may benefit from, please send them to me, and I will include them in the next update.

In the meantime, enjoy! . . .

Home Not Alone (with Kids)

Who does not love a good water balloon fight? It turns out that everything needs to be a battle. Instead, here are “11 Water Balloons Games Your Kids Will Love” from Milwaukee with Kids.

And, at night, Money suggests stargazing (with equipment), recommends a $64.99 beginner telescope kit, and notes, “Thanks to a slower economy, light pollution has decreased, and you can nab a starter telescope for cheaper than you might think. Even without one, the SkyView app is free.”

Aquariums, Zoos, Museums & More has 172 live streams, including cow cams, a Decorah Eagles live feed, a live feed of Tembe Elephant Park, an Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights cam, and a ton more.

Random / Other Lists

Country Living has a great article, “26 Fun & Useful Things to Do When You’re Bored,” that starts, “Like, so bored you resort to Googling ‘What to do when you’re bored.’” The article has wonderful suggestions, including my favorite:

Go antiquing online. From First Dibs to Everything but the House to Chairish, there’s no shortage of online resources to indulge the thrill of the hunt (even when you can’t go to a flea market)—and chances are their vendors could use your support now more than ever. Don’t miss more boutique-y sites like Mate Gallery for nautical antiques, House of Antique Hardware for vintage fixtures, or Hannah’s Treasures for vintage wallpaper.


Thank you Hannah Joseph for sending this video of Whitney Houston’s I will Always Love You:


Recreated a classic Vine ?? #fyp #vine

♬ I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

But, as I told Hannah, while that is very funny, nothing beats Misheard Lyricsvideo of Pearl Jam’s Yellow Ledbetter:

Make me fries!