PSA: Employee Trade Secret Training Video Now Available

We recently prepared a “Ten Minute Training” video for companies to distribute to their employees to help minimize the risks posed to trade secrets as a result of so much of the workforce working from home – especially given the very slow return to “normal.”

Like the other practical resources we publish, including our 50 state noncompete chart (which will be updated shortly for recent developments in Indiana and Virginia), the video is intended as an educational tool and is therefore made available for free.

The concept is that it can be sent to all employees who are working from home and have access to trade secrets. It should help them to understand and avoid some of the significant risks that working from home poses to trade secrets.

Further, it is intended as a stand-alone tool, although it can also be used effectively in conjunction with the checklist in our recent post, “A primer and checklist for protecting trade secrets and other legitimate business interests before, during, and after lockdown and stay-at-home orders.”

Please contact me if you would like the link to the video.

For some additional background resources on how to protect your trade secrets, see the FBI’s guidance, “How to Spot a Possible Insider Threat” and (summary brochure), the PTO’s “7 Steps to Protecting Your Trade Secrets,” the Domestic Security Alliance Counsel’s Insider Threat references, and WIPO’s Module on Trade Secrets.