21 States with 45 Pending Noncompete Bills: Connecticut – Update – One More Homemaker, Companion Services Bill

As you may recall, when I started this series (just 10 days ago), Connecticut had eight noncompete bills. It now has one more. (It’s that time of year for new legislation, but really? Nine pending noncompete bills in one state?)

Here’s a quick update.

The bill reflects another proposed change to noncompetes for homemaker-companion agencies, registries, and providers of home health services, as follows:

SB.974 (An Act Concerning Homemaker And Companion Services): Introduced on March 22, 2021, the bill (in relevant part) would modify Connecticut’s existing noncompete ban for homemaker and companion services, which currently bans “any contract or agreement that restricts the right of an individual to provide homemaker, companion or health services (1) in any geographic areas of the state for any period of time, or (2) to a specific individual.” Specifically, if passed, the bill would narrow the definition (and, therefore, the ban) by covering only “any contract or agreement between an individual and a homemaker-companion agency, registry or provider of home health services prohibiting such individual from providing homemaker, companion or home health services to a specific individual, or for a competing homemaker-companion agency, registry or provider of home health services, but does not include any private contract or agreement not to solicit or accept solicitation from any client, employee or vendor of such homemaker-companion agency, registry or provider of home health services, provided such contract or agreement shall be limited in duration to not more than six months.”

The bill is pending before the Joint Committee on Public Health.

And, remember, if you want to see a summary of the current noncompete law in any state (and D.C.), please refer to our 50-state noncompete chart, which is updated on a continual basis, as the laws change.


*A huge thank you to Erika Hahn for all of her extraordinary help in tracking the bills.