50 State Noncompete Chart Updated (July 21, 2022 – Hawai’i Update)

50-state noncompete chart updated

The Hawai‘i Supreme Court recently issued a decision that provided the current authoritative statement of Hawai‘i noncompete law. I used statements in that decision to provide some additional information for the applicable standards and legitimate business interests protectable by a noncompete in Hawai‘i.

With that, our 50-State Noncompete Chart is fully up to date through July 21, 2022.

Though a stand-alone resource, the noncompete chart (which was the first of its kind and has been updated regularly since 2010) works as a companion to our 50-state and federal survey chart of trade secret laws (which I originally prepared on August 14, 2016, is likewise updated as laws have changed).

Firm resources: 

Please note that the most current version of both the 50-State Noncompete Chart and 50-state and federal survey chart of trade secret laws can always be found on my firm’s resources page. In addition, our state-by-state notice requirements cheatsheet and our state-by-state “low-wage” thresholds chart are both always available here. 


*Thank you to Erika Hahn for her on-going help ensuring that I am on top of the many recent developments around the country.