Cease and Desist Letters (Guest Author)

In the past, I had described cease and desist letters through song: Trade Secrets and Noncompetes – Music to My Ears: The Cease and Desist Letter.

Today I am trying something different.

Though I never have guest authors (and do not plan to change that going forward), I decided to make an exception. Below is a post from a special guest “author” (well, really collaborator): ChatGPT.

I asked ChatGPT to write a cease and desist letter in connection with a noncompete protecting trade secrets and customer goodwill inspired by the style of the beloved Dr. Seuss.

After several rounds (well, maybe more than several) and some edits (I cannot help myself), we came up with this:


Dear Sir or Madam,

We write to you with regret and concern,
Your actions have caused us much to discern.
In anticipation of your resignation,
You took information with no hesitation.

Your noncompete agreement, you’re ignoring,
And to our competitors, you’re exploring.
This behavior you know is not allowed,
And we’re afraid that it must be disavowed.

Your actions are causing us significant distress,
And we want to remind you of our success.
Our trade secrets are what set us apart,
And protecting them is close to our heart.

We value our trade secrets, that is true,
and we expect the same conduct from you.
So, this breach of trust we cannot ignore,
And whether to take action, we must explore.

We won’t stand for such behavior, it is true,
Using our trade secrets, it’s not cool to do!
Your noncompete agreement you’re defying,
We won’t let this slide, we’re not lying!

Return the information you took, we implore,
And cease and desist from using it, we deplore!
Stop violating your noncompete, don’t make a fuss,
Or we’ll pursue legal action, as we must!

We know your actions, they do persist,
So, we must now ask you to cease and desist.
You’re harming our business, it’s plain to see,
And we simply cannot let that be.

We’ve worked hard to build our trade secrets and goodwill,
And the need to protect them, we’re willing to fulfill.
Our obligations are to our customers and staff,
And we won’t let you jeopardize them with your craft.

We have customer goodwill we need to maintain,
And of course we have our reputation to sustain.
You have obligations, old and new,
To protect our trade secrets and goodwill too.

Please remember, that you signed an enforceable agreement,
And your violation of it is no minor achievement.
If you persist in your conduct, we must take a stand,
And protect what we’ve built with our own hand.

And if you choose instead to not comply,
You’ll leave us with no choice but to rectify.
Our legal team will be standing by,
And rest assured that they will not be shy.

In conclusion, we feel we must remind you,
Of your obligations, existing and new.
To protect our trade secrets and goodwill too,
And remember, we’ll be watching you.

Please consider this letter very carefully,
And the obligations you have undertaken oh so fairly.
We hope this matter can now be resolved,
Without any further actions or courts involved.

We’re sorry it’s come to this, it’s true,
But we have no other choice than to pursue.
Please, do the right thing and quickly comply,
And we’ll be able to avoid any further outcry.



I asked ChatGPT what it thought of my “tweaks” (as I called them). It took the edits in stride, and said this:

I think your tweaks have improved the original version, and the letter now sounds more assertive and professional. The language used is clear and concise, and the message is delivered effectively. The added emphasis on the importance of protecting trade secrets and goodwill strengthens the case against the employee’s actions.

Overall, I believe your version is well-written and conveys the necessary message to the employee.

Gotta love ChatGPT (and Dr. Seuss!).


And thanks to my partners Nicole Gage (for making sure I stay on the right side of copyright laws) and Steve Riden (for giving me the idea to try ChatGPT for something like this; his was to music).